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Office & Technical

Union Reps

Union Reps

Ron McKenzie

Unit Chair/368.9131 or cell 231.3031

Tonya Farewell

Unit Secretary /364.4244

Mike Mozak

Grievance Chair/364.4488

Trevor Allegretto

Safety Chair/364.4382

Jodi Tompkins/Taylor Vlanich/Collin Wynnychuck 
Jen Soltys/Michelle Cure


Catherine Carreiro/Jessy Lyons (Safety)
Adrian Jelly


Tonya Farewell 


Adrian Huber

Job Evaluation Chair/364.4805

Mike Mozak 

Job Evaluation Co-Chair/ 364.4244

Amy Haines

Job Evaluation Co-Chair/364.4363

Heather Johnson

Diversity Committee Rep/364.4417

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